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  • Travel

    The camera was on hand to keep these memories.

  • Country

    Landscapes in and around South Africa.

  • The Wild

    Africa and its abundance of wildlife in all its beauty.

  • People

    Friends and strangers around me, often unexpected.

South Africa

I was born into this world after World War II had come to an end and spent my first 20 years in Immenstadt, a small town in the south-west of Bavaria.
This part of the country, surrounded by the mountains of the Alps is known as the province Allgäu.
Even with all the beauty the country-side around me did I set foot in South Africa, but not before having completed my Engineering degree at the Bavarian capital Munich.

For more than 40 years have I made South Africa my country of choice.
My professional career has been in the automotive field throughout all the years and I would not dare to miss a single day having worked for these great local and international companies and institutions.
Vehicle Design, Production, Project Management and Digital Marketing is now history. Now it is time to follow one's passion.